One hundred percent

It's halfway past two and here I am typing away at a blank empty white space in front of me. I really don't know what to think and do anymore. I'm so caught up doing plenty of things, juggling many responsibilities, and dealing with numerous experiences all at the same time. For those who know how to possibly(and safely):

1.) Duplicate oneself
2.) Erase Specific memories (please be true eternal sunshine of the spotless mind)
3.) Raise productivity by 500% easily without tiring out
4.) Control Time (move it back and forth)
5.) Study without even opening a single book

please do give me a call. I really am in dire straits. Actually, not that dire but hey, you get the point I'm getting at. My life right now screams for a vacation - away from things familiar. The geography field trip next week sounds a great idea for starters and how I wish that I could go to Ilocos alone to just spend the weekend there without stress or anything(of course, you have to have some money to spend). I'm sure it would be one heck of an experience.

Earlier this morning, I found out that I had no class in my econ 191. Stupid as I am, I chose to stay and wait out the 4 hour break that life had promptly set-up for me. (I was there around 9am...next class at 1. :|) I chose to spend the break in the library to just relax and get my mind off of certain things. (for the past few days I've been disturbed by a lot of things. nuf said.) My friend cholo dropped by, cursed the world for the cancellation of the class, and every thing that could go wrong during this morning and decided to stay as well since he, like me, had nothing else to do. I pulled out a graphic novel out of my bag and decided to read out of 1, curiosity, and 2, boredom. I flipped the pages of the local graphic novel and began reading the piece. Before I knew it, I was already finished with the 250+ page graphic novel, in record time I might say. :)

The novel, after eden is a story about 6 people trying to find the meaning out of the ordinary. Each of the 6, are tired of the way life is going on cyclically and they are wanting to break away from the chains that bound them to their lives. (If you've been reading this blog of mine, you will have noticed by now why I liked this novel) To cut the long story short, it's about love, yet it explains the different human perceptions of the emotions and how life in itself acts upon and plays through that emotion creating a myriad of complex situations far too complicated for the mind to predict. (Whew!) After reading the book, everything for me went blank. I just remembered that I got home, ate dinner and rested. weird but true. Everything around me felt surreal. And to tell the truth, I've only been just awake for 1 hour. Insomnia or whatever you may call it.

"one motivation, one goal, one movement, one hundred percent."

That's me for this year. catchy isnt it? no i'm not running for elections - it's much grander than that.